陳用林六四集會演講全文──附記者會問答 (中英文 附圖 )

  Thank you, thank you everybody, to give me this opportunity to present myself before the public.

  I left the Chinese Consulate a few days ago and seeking political asylum from the Australia Government under the Unite Nation's convention relating to refugee status.

  I came here very unsafe and I feel in desperate state because in the past days the experience told me that the Australia Government is cooperating with the Chinese government on my case.

  I feel very unsafe, because I think it's, maybe not the real purpose of the Australia government, I feel regrettable that some officials just expressed the Australia government rejecting. Maybe it is not the view of the federal government.

  And, I…I…Yes, I am too excited.

  Today I want to say, yes, I left the Chinese consulate for two reasons. One is, today is the 16th anniversary for the pro democracy movement in China. That's a landmark for democracy movement.

  I have witnessed the Tiananmen bloody event. Three of my university students were injured in that event, but the Chinese government denied.

  There is actually no human right in China; but the Chinese government denied. There is no human right in China and the Chinese government never confessed they have a human right problem.

  Although the economy is good, but the people still have no political freedom, human rights and religious freedom.

  This government, the Chinese Communist Party does not represent the people now, as it claims, that so-called three representatives of Jiang Zemin doctrine.

  The current regime is just a power representing those who have already obtained the interest and the power. And even all those people who joined the Communist Party is not for the purpose as they said, serving for the people. It's for their own private, individual purposes.

  I believe this undemocratic government will finally be overthrown by the people in China.

  During the past 16 years the Chinese government has done nothing about the political reform.

  My second reason I left the Chinese consulate is my sympathy over the Chinese government's persecution against the Falun Gong people.

  I am the consul for political affairs in Chinese Consulate in Sydney. When I came here in 2001 I knew nothing about Falun Gong. And I feel guilty, at the beginning period I followed very strictly of the government's policy of persecuting Falun Gong people here. We monitored the situation about the Falun Gong here, their activities. And even here you'll find there are a lot of Chinese secret agents and the Chinese consulate staff hiding somewhere. They will monitor the activity and report back and they take some measures against the movement of democracy and Falun Gong people.
  我是悉尼中領館的政治事務領事。我2001 年到這裏時對法輪功一無所知。我感到有罪,在開始的時候我非常嚴格的執行政府迫害此地法輪功人員的政策。我們監視這裏法輪功的情況,他們的活動。就在這裏你都會發現許多中國間諜和領館人員,藏在什麼地方。他們將監視這個活動,回去彙報,然後採取辦法對付民運活動和法輪功人員。

   Before I left the Chinese consulate, I have been in this job for almost four years and two months. Gradually, I contacted the Falun Gong people. I found this organization is very special group, is religious group. The Chinese government persecute Falun Gong. That means obviously no religious freedom in China.

  So far as I know, I know the policy of the government, the purpose of the government, they informed me well, as the senior official in the Chinese consulate, the real purpose is to control all the political groups and the religious groups so that they have no chance to threat the government.

  That is a political manoeuvre, that's only the dictatorship can do.

  In the past several days, after I left the Chinese Consulate, I have been chasing around by the Chinese secret agents and the consulate staff, and feel very unsafe in Australia.

  Today I want to disclose some top confidential things about Chinese kidnapping in overseas area.

  First is in 2002 there are two pro-democracy activists, one is called Wang Bingzhang, and two of his other friends also engaging in democratic movement. They were kidnapped in Vietnam, and later Mr. Wang was sentenced to life sentence in prison and two friends were set free. That was one case.

  The second case, I was told by the deputy secretary of Xingjiang Autonomous Region. I was here last year to receive him. When we chatted he told me how the Chinese government dealt with the case about the Kirghis in central Asian countries. At that time there was a Chinese diplomat, first secretary called Wang Jinbin was killed in assassination of black gang. He was evolved in the business in Turkistan. There are a lot of nationality people who live in Turkistan.

  And the most important thing is how the Chinese government solved the problem. The Chinese government did not believe that Turkistan can assist to solve this problem, so the government sent a special team consisted of secret agent to kidnap those people who involved in killing Wang Jianbin.

   Actually Wang Jianbing…, the main purpose of the assassination is a case of the black gang in the local society. He was just a by-victim. The main target is a businessman who drove the car for Wang Jianbin.

   So the Chinese government sent secret security agents to kidnap the people who involved in that case back to China and executed them. That's the second case.

  The third case I'd like to reveal is the case happened in Australia.

  There was a vice mayor of Xia Men called Lan Fu, L-A-N, F-U, Lan Fu, vice mayor Lan Fu. He traveled to Australia in 1999…, eh, my memory is in November, 20th of November. And he came to Australia on tourist visa.

  On 21 of January, the second year, that's 2000, according to news report of that time, he voluntarily, voluntarily returned to China. Actually his visa did not expire at that time and he already launched for further stay in Australia.

  People will be curious why he voluntarily left Australia. And he submitted himself to the Chinese government and later he was sentenced to death, just in April of 2000, yes, sentenced to death.

  The reason behind this event is that the Chinese secret agent kidnapped Mr. Lan Fu's son who was studying in Australia. They kidnapped him.

  How do they kidnap him? They first kidnapped Mr. Lan's son, and use a kind of no-poisonous, no poison, to make him unconscious and bring him to a fishing boat and then use the fishing boat to reach the high seas. And then, there was a Chinese cargo ship. I am not sure what cargo ship is that. Maybe the coast ship. The Chinese big cargo ship, waiting on the high seas. They put him to the ship, the Chinese big cargo ship waiting at the high sea. They put him to the ship and sent him back to China, possibly.

  I informed this to the Australia Government when the immigration and the foreign affair officials interviewed me on 31 of May.

  But it seems they don't care. The Australia government, just, they transfer the decision that I was rejected political asylum. No care, even if I said, please, this is important for the Australia public. Australia is not a safe place.

  And another case was…, there was a governor for Northern Province, vice governor from the northern province of China who travelled to Australia. And later Chinese public security official kidnapped this official's son and daughter while they travelled to China ,held them in China and to detain them and threat to kill the two and asked the vice governor to return to China.

  But this man was very wise at that time; he refused to return to China. And the public security people had no choice but to choose to kidnap him in Australia, successfully.

  If the Australian government really concerns about the safety of its people and also the tourists in Australia, they should look into the case and check if it's true or not; because my information is actually very reliable. That's from Mr Zhang Jin . That is the Ministry of the Public Security…, he is working in the third department of the Ministry of the Public Security.

  When he was here to attend an APG conference in Australia, yes, in Australia I received him well and we became friends at that time and he chatted with me. Very reliable information I'd like to disclose.

  I strongly request for the safety of Australian people and Australian tourists. Australia government should investigate such case.

  That's why after I left the Chinese consulate, I was chased around and worried very much about my safety. I worried about they may kidnap me, use the same channel.

  This is a terrorist act. It's an act of unjustified authority. This is a national terrorist. To my…, as far as I know, there are many cases, they have successfully kidnapped people in Australia back to China.

   I want to ask, if the Australian government is aware of such case, if they are aware, so the government is cooperating with the terrorists; if they are not aware, they should look into the case to prevent these cases from happening again.

  Yes, above is my speech. Hope I will not have to hide again from today. Hope Australia could immediately provide security to me, to protect my family.

  Yes, I'd like to end my speech now. I can continue to be interviewed.

  (Below are questions and answers between the journalists and Mr. Chen Yonglin.)

  Mr. Chen: I left the Chinese consulate a few days ago, seeking political asylum from the Australian government. Now actually, I am now actually in a very dangerous situation. I was chased after by the Chinese consulate and other security agents and may be kidnapped by them; as I said in my speech the Chinese government had done in that way successfully in the past years.

  Q: Why have you decided to defect?
  A: I left the Chinese consulate because, first, for fear of being persecuted in China; as in the past four years and two months time I have been engaged in the job for political affairs here in Sydney. My major job is to monitor and persecute the democracy activists in Australia and Falun Gong practitioners in Australia.

  Q: What are your concerns with the Chinese government's treatment towards Falun Gong?
  A: I understand that the Falun Gong people are a group of people believing in religion. Falun Gong is a religion. Chinese government said it's a cult. In Australia as I know, it's hard to tell the difference between a cult and a religion. Even in the history, some traditional religions like Christianity even have some 'cult' behaviour in the history. But they corrected it and finally became a formal good religion.

  Q: What do you fear if you are sent back to China?
  A: Yes, if I am afraid if being sent back to China, certainly I will be persecuted, because in my working for the four years in the consulate, in my work, I have been helping, in some way, the pro-democracy activists and Falun Gong people.

  Q: Do you feel disappointed that the Australia government seems don't want you as a political asylum?
  A: So far I haven't got the final, the formal decision from the Australia government as Australia government allowed to me to present a protection visa application. I am still waiting for response from the government.

  Q: When do you expect to get a response?
  A: I hope to get a response immediately from the foreign affairs or the immigration department.

  Q: From what you know, how Chinese Consulate managed to manipulate the local Chinese media and also other media because a lot of articles could not be published in local media and a lot of articles given by the Chinese consulate were be published even though they were not the truth?
  A: The media here, I believe, (because this) is a democratic country, freedom of expression, and can decide by themselves what to publish and what not to publish at their own will. And I believe there are substantial influence from the Chinese consulate and embassy here over the media.

  Q: How many Chinese secret agents are there in Australia? Are there a lot, or a few?
  A: I believe a lot, a thousand possibly. As we try to find someone or find some situation we can easily assess that.

  Q: Are you prepared to name these secret agents to Australian government?
  A: Because I am a consul for political affairs, they haven't contacted me, at this stage, contact me directly. Actually in the consulate and embassy there are some people responsible for this matter, keep their secret…

  Q: How many kidnaps do you know of?
  A: Yes, each year they have kidnapped, a good number, I am not sure about that. The case I have referred just now, like the one called Lan Fu, the vice mayor of Xia Men. He 'voluntarily' returned to China. His son was kidnapped through the agent and sent to a fishing boat and reached the high sea close to Australia. And then put him in a Chinese cargo ship. He was kidnapped, Lan Fu's son, I am not sure of his exact name.

  Q: Regarding to your personal safety, what do you need from the Australian government?
  A: I need, my basic safety could be guaranteed. That's the international obligation of Australia government under the UN convention.

  Q: Do you fear for your life and that of your family at the moment?
  A: Yes, I am very frightened, actually.

  Q: As soon as you leave this rally you are going to hide again?
  A: Yes, I will have to live together with someone so that I can feel safer.

  Q: Do you think it is easy for them to find you now, that you've come out?
  A: Very easy.

  Q: Easy for the Chinese government to find you?
   A: Yes, because they monitor people, use phones. All these monitored, I believe.

  Q: So you said your phone is monitored?
  A: Yes, especially mobile phone, I think.

  Q: Mr. Chen, have you heard about the Falun Gong students filing a lawsuit against Jiang Zeming in South Africa last year?
  Q: I haven't heard about that case, sorry.

  Q: How does the Chinese consulate influence the Chinese community?
  A: They attended many occasions of Chinese community, yes, yes.

   Q: How is your family doing? How do feel about your decision?
  A: Yes, they feel very distressed and they have no choice, have to support me in some way to gain some kind of safety. They worried about my safety and also themselves.

  Q: What will the result be if you are sent back to China?
  A: The result will be, maybe life sentence or executed, as I disclosed just now, disclosed some top confidential files.

  Q: Are you afraid that your family in China will be threatened as well?
  A: I am afraid that in someway, their life will be confined, be monitored by the public security.

  Q: Could you say that you were regarded as a potential threat and someone they want to persecute before you left the Chinese consulate? Is that right?
  A: Yes, because I have offered some help to the pro-democracy activists and Falun Gong practitioners in some way.

  Q: So have they threatened to arrest you before this?
  A: They have been searching for me and chased me. And when I rent house in Gosford, I spotted them and I had to leave immediately.

  Q: How did you escape them?
  A: I escaped by the public transport, yes, take the train.

  Q: So you jumped on the train to escape them?
  A: Yes, this is a narrow escape. When I saw them I left immediately.

  Q: Were they running after you?
  A: I don't know exactly. Of course hereby there might be a lot of agents nearby.
  This time if I return to my place I believe they will closely follow me. It will be very hard to get rid of them and even I want to get rid of them, because they have thousands of agents in Australia.

  Q: Some members of the Chinese community are protecting you now, are they?
  A: No, not yet, I have a friend here, just met here, supporting democracy, an Australia citizen.

  Q: You have been hiding on your own until now, have you?
  A: Yes, until now, yes. So I have to seek kind of safety.

  Q: Which university were you in at the Tiananmen Massacre time?
  A: Foreign Affairs University.

  Q: Will you be giving details of the secret agents to the Australia government in exchange for a protection? What information will you offer the Australia government for them to protect you?
  A: I haven't got a response from the Australian government yet. I am waiting for a response.

  Q: But you are open to offer information?
  A: Yes, yes, everything I know.




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